Chyrali is a district in Ulupynar, in Kemer.


Chiraly, located between the borders of the Olympos national park, is the breeding place of the Caretta-Caretta turtles, which is 3 km long on the waterfront. The height of the coast increases from the sea with a small slope. On the two edges is bordered by stones. In general, there is fine-grained sand on the coast. On the northern side, there is a bed of river that flows only in winter. In the southern part, the river reachs to the sea, passing through the ancient city “Olympos”. So, you can divide the southern part, as the river Olympos and Olympos – Chirali.


The canyon and the Ulupinar river, the Lykia Road, Olympos, Yanartash, the cedar forest, the plateau, due to the fact that they have the status of a protected area at the first and second degree, they have remained far from the settlement and tourism to a large extent.


The cooperative for environmental protection, development and management of Ulupinar, established in 2000, manages environmental protection activities, developing activities in ecological agriculture and tourism. Local people usually earn from hostels, restaurants and small agricultural enterprises. There is a Mediterranean climate in the region. In winter, the temperature almost never falls below 0. After a long period of spring, a very hot summer comes (in July and August 45 degrees).