Mythological history of Janartas, in which it is believed that was born from the fire of dragons and burns from antique ages, is worth reading.


Unbearable fire of Olimpos


Yanartash, located near the village of Cirali in Kemer-Antalya, is a gas supply, also has historical and tourist importance. It is located near the sea and in a place with a beautiful view; the fire that emerge between the stones attracts the attention of tourists.


Gas supply, which is located on the rocks in the northern part of the Chirali beach. It was mentioned in ancient Greek mythology. According to ancient Greek mythology, the myth is


Myth of Yanartash


Hippones, the son of Glaucosa the King of Ephyra, killed his brother Belleros on the hunt, and will receive the name "Bellerophontes", which means "eater of Belleros". Bellerophontes kicks out from Ephyra, escapes to the King of Argos. The King of Argos can't kill him because of his pride, and sends him to the king of Lycia.

The King of Lycia does not want to kill this young man, and send him to fight with a monster called the "Kimera", which has lion head, goat body, snake tail and fire in its mouth. Bellerophontes flies on a winged horse, called "Pegasus", to fight with Kimera. As the Chimera attacks him, Pegasus flies and lands and then Bellerofontes buries Chimera under the bottom of the earth. The Lights of the Chimera are burning under the earth.


In order to celebrate the victory of Bellerofontes, a race has been organized in Olympos. Athletes, lighting their torches with the holy fire of the Kimera, and runs to Olympos. So, the first examples of the Olympic Games in Anatolia came true, in which various kinds of sports were added after several years.


Today, the "Olympic torch"  is a symbol of Kimera's unbearable fire.